"I always wanted to get involved in a brewery," said Matteo Rachocki, CEO of Voodoo Brewing Company.

But the Crawford County native never imagined what his brand would brew up.

"My brother designs and writes every recipe for pretty much every drop of liquid that comes out of the company," said Rachocki.

The two have taken Voodoo Brewery from humble beginnings in Meadville to their own approach to decor, brews and more.

"[There's] no servers, no hostess," said Rachocki. "You pick up your food at a window. I remember being told from a lot of locals in Meadville, 'I give this place 6 months.' It's just way to different. Luckily, the community really embraced the concept of what we were doing."

That was in 2012. A second location opened six months later.

"That was pretty much followed up on every 18 months after with another tap room in Erie, then out in Lancaster and then State College and Grove City and now we have one open in the north shore of Pittsburgh," said Rachocki.

Voodoo has quadrupled its brewing capacity at its production facility in Meadville over the past 24 months.

Beer ideas come from far and wide.

Rachocki and his brother have traveled the globe to participate in beer festivals

"That's a really cool way to enhance and put Pennsylvania, Erie, Meadville and our liquid on the map," said Rachocki.

Voodoo may be a brewery, but there's pride in the food offered, too, and the locally sourced options available.

"Even in this market, we refuse to adapt and change recipes," said Rachocki. "We want to make sure we're using the best quality products."

To go with the food, there are also non-beer options like wine, non-alcoholic drinks and even brewed tea.

There's also a vast array of Voodoo retail items, too.

"[For] anything people want to give as a gift, they can come in," said Joanie Plunkett, director of retail operations and human resources. "We also have a really awesome online store."

The goods including beer can be shipped.

"We have distribution in Pennsylvania, D.C., Ohio and we're expanding. Then, we do have the ability to ship merchandise pretty much anywhere."