The Last Word recently shared the story of the old caretaker's house at Sigsbee Reservoir, introducing you to a man named Jerry Grafius who lived in that house from 1931 to 1945.

Since then, we heard from another man who says he also lived in the caretaker's house.

Mickey Wagner, of Summit Township, lived in the house when his father served as caretaker.

The family moved out in 1951 when Mickey was six.

Mickey has many fond memories of living there, but one story was not so pleasant.

He says he almost fell into the reservoir and had to be rescued by his dad.

"My father luckily came home for lunch [and] saw me over the fence, right on the verge of getting into the water," said Mickey. "He jumps over the fence, hung onto the fence with one hand, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck or whatever, threw me back over the top of that four-foot high fence and proceeded to give me the spanking of me life."

Mickey says his was the last family to live at the caretaker's house.

His sister also remembers those days inside that historic home.