Skaters in Erie's Columbus Park celebrated “Go Skate Day.” It’s a day when they encourage newcomers to the sport to give skating a try.

“Really just, get all the skateboarders in the area together,” said Dan Parra, owner of The Isle Surf & Skate. “Celebrate Go Skate Day, make some friends, have some food, and hang out.”

“Go Skate Day is kind of special because it’s where anyone can learn to skate,” said local skateboarder Hunter Bowman. “No matter what level they’re at they can skate, they can do what they want here because it’s their space.”

While the skaters appreciated having the skatepark they do now, they hope city officials will expand the skating facilities in the future.

“If the council is seeing this, you should definitely try and work on the park,” said Bowman. “Make an addition to it. It’s been a need in Erie for a while now.”

More information is available by visiting The Isle Surf & Skate at 3628 West 12th St. or on social media.