It's the first day of Summer, and at Community Shelter Services, they’re focused on keeping the people they serve refreshed.

Small, sweet, cold treats are just one way staff keep people cool while they're outside.

For the first time this summer, the shelter has two gazebos. It’s a shady hangout, especially when temperatures reach 80 degrees or higher.

“Really just keeping them hydrated and healthy. Air conditioning, we just upgraded four new units. It's cold here on every floor,” said CSS Executive Director, Diane Lazette.

But, keeping folks comfortable comes at a high cost these days. “We're seeing a 35% increase in our electric bill. Our food bill, the budget is increasing by as much at 37%,” she said.

Regardless, this shelter is still staying full every night with men, women, and children staying on its four floors. That likely won't change anytime soon, so the focus remains on giving people resources to stay cool, comfortable, and safe.