Pennsylvania's Senate has approved a bill to regulate electric, low-speed scooters.

Senate Bill 892 would allow certain municipalities to designate where low-speed scooters could be used, though they would be prohibited on any roadways with a posted speed limit of at least 35 miles per hour. The scooters would be limited to operating on specified roadways, pedalcycle lanes or pedalcycle paths at a speed no greater than 15 miles per hour.

Before passing the bill, the Senate amended the legislation to increase the age requirement for scooter operation from 16 to 18 years of age.

The amendment also provided recommendations for ordinances, policies and regulations regarding deployment locations, parking locations, data sharing and reporting, and education and awareness.

Electric low-speed scooters are small electric- or human-powered vehicles with two or three wheels, handlebars and a floorboard that can be stood upon while riding. They weigh less than 100 pounds and go no more than 15 miles per hour on level ground.

The legislation is sponsored by State Sen. Dan Laughlin (R-49th Dist.).

“SB 892 will prevent Pennsylvania from falling further behind other places that have already embraced low-speed scooters, and I thank my Senate colleagues for approving the measure,” said Laughlin. “I urge the House of Representatives to consider this measure.”