Abbott, a major baby formula factory, pauses production for a few weeks after they say heavy rainfall flooded the plant.
It's coming after reopening the factory from recalls of having contamination in its formula. After the disruption was somewhat settled, Vice President Kamala Harris made statements about a temporary fix.

"By Father's Day, we will have delivered the equivalent of 13,000,000 eight-ounce bottles of formula," says Harris.

It's delivered by air, and shelves are stocked. Cans have placed limits per customer. Websites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace sells powder and breastmilk, but according to Dr. Susan Moore, it's not ideal to buy.

"Shockingly, 74 to 75% of breastmilk bought off the internet is contaminated with staph and strep and other things," Moore says.

Last month, mothers were picking up the formula at ABC 24hr Childcare. It's going quite well, and it's still running. But no matter how tough times are never dilute the formula with water.

"It can really make a baby very ill and give them seizures. It's very hard to treat."