It was a perfect night on Presque Isle, as the Sunset Music Series kicked off for the summer, and it was a chance for Jamie Johnson, Erin Mesanko and their families to soak in the sun.
“It’s wonderful," Johnson said. "Days like this to enjoy the beach. It’s a lot of fun”
And it's affordable, something that can't be said for most parts of a household budget.
“Groceries and gas have big-time increased because of all the inflation,“ Mesanko said.
She's especially is grateful for the night on the water.
Her family had hoped to take a long trip together, but rampant inflation put those plans on hold.
“We would have like to do a longer type of vacation, but we decided to switch and adapt to more local day trips and stuff because the cost of gas increasing so much,“ she said.
So when she sees a chance for family fun, she jumps on it, because no matter the budget, kids deserve to have fun the summer.
“It is a lot of pressure," she said of parenting during a period of inflation. "I feel like every day that I’m able to provide some free entertainment for the kids is the best kind of day.”
And organizers of the concert series say that's the whole the point; a chance to appreciate our own region without breaking the bank. 
“ It doesn’t matter who you are, where are you come from," said Jon DeMarco of the Presque Isle Partnership. "We can all enjoy this precious gem in our backyard.”