“We get candidates. They raise money, and the winner gets to kiss Tardis, our potbellied pig,” said Director of Operations for the Boys and Girls Club of Erie, John Popoff.

This year's Kiss a Pig fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club is a bit more urgent. With youth violence ticking up this year, BGC of Erie says the Kiss a Pig campaign was more important than ever, so they can insure all kids have a nonviolent place to grow.

“They can walk in their neighborhood and it's never safe. But they know when they come to the Boys and Girls Club, it's going to be safe there, and nothing like that can happen to them," said Popoff.

Local business leaders from Erie Insurance, U Pick 6, and Presque Isle Downs & Casino competed to see who could bring home the most bacon.

John Melody, co-owner of U Pick 6 has contributed around $75,000 to the BGC over the last few years.

“it's tremendously important to give kids a chance to be kids, and go and play, and hangout with their friends in a safe environment," said Melody.

So, the big question remains. Who got to kiss the precious porker?

Jack Sours, president and general manager of Presque Isle Downs & Casino raised around $60,000.

"We advertised it throughout the casino. Obviously the hook is, if they contribute, I have to kiss a pig, so I guess I had something to do with it," laughed Sours.
He’s proud of Presque Isle Downs & Casino and kissing the pig was worth it.

This is Tardis the Pig’s sixth Kiss a Pig appearance.

Overall, upwards of $100,000 was raised for the Boys and Girls Club of Erie.