The 32nd Annual Water Sports Clinic began today, giving people with disabilities access to kayaks, canoeing and even water skiing.

The event is being held by Three Rivers Adaptive Sports at the Iroquois Boating & Fishing Club on Conneaut Lake, and will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Thursday.

People with any type of disability are encouraged to come bring their family, and enjoy the various water sports and lakeside activities.

"We try an lead by example, and our motto is 'if I cant do this, I can do anything,'" says Barbie Baum, the event organizer. "We empower the families that have someone with a disability. It's not just for the person with the disability, we want the whole family to be active and continue to get out there...We're just regular people, just like you, having a good time."

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