Two men spent Thursday hiking down Route 20 from Ripley, NY to Erie, PA.

Justin "JD" LeHew and Coleman "Rocky" Kinzer are retired United States Marines and the two members of "Team Long Road."

They're on a multi-month mission to hike the entirety of Route 20, all the way from Boston to Newport, OR. The trip is in honor of the 81,600 American service members who have been missing since world war two.

“The greatness of America rests along this highway, and we're hoping that this walk helps expose a little bit more of those stories,” explains LeHew. “And to see them in their 70s and 80s and 90s running us down on the road out here to tell us about the person that's missing in their family and to eventually say thank you for doing this, it’s a beautiful thing.”

The hikers have had all kinds of visitors, ranging from kids to veterans who are in their 90’s come out to share their stories.

“It's the story of the 20th century. You can't read that kind of history in a book. People are just names on a page in a book, names in a story on a website, right? You talk to them, there's a pulse, there's a family, there's emotion,” says Kinzer.

The two hikers chose United States Highway 20 because it is America's longest road, and it represents the long journey for families who are still fighting to bring their loved ones home.

LeHew and Kinzer are also helping with this fight by raising money for charities like History Flight, which works to locate the remains of the service members who are still missing in action, and to bring them back to American Soil.

LeHew says, “Its our honor, having worn the uniform for this nation, to be able to log every foot, every mile that’s along it and showing this journey to America.”