There's something about a Jeep that makes people want to take it off the smooth highway and try it out on some rough terrain.  However, there's not many places in this area where you can really put your Jeep to the test. However, this weekend, a group of Jeep lovers is making that off road experience possible.

The group is called Oil Valley Jeeps, based in Venango County.  It gives Jeep owners an opportunity to get off the pavement and into the woods.  They sponsor a two-day event which allows Jeep lovers to explore the trails of Two Mile Run County Park, located between Franklin and Oil City.

"Even though it's only once a year and it's only for two days, it's an opportunity for people to actually get their vehicle off-road,” says Eric Elliott, of Oil Valley Jeeps.

The event is the only time the bumpy trails of Two Mile Run Park are open to 4-wheel drive vehicles.  Unless you hike or ride a horse, you never get to see the beauty and the history found along those trails.  This weekend, Jeepers can see what remains of a stone quarry that was used to build the foundations of many old homes in the area.  They get to see something called cairns. Cairns are monuments of rocks created by the Iroquois Indians long ago. There's the breathtaking view of the hills surrounding the man-made lake at the park.

Participating in the off road event is indeed a privilege.

"Being able to come and see what nobody else can see and do what no other Jeeper can do at any other time if the year,” explains Oil Valley Jeeps Member Bill Kapp.

Two 5-mile woods trails are open for the event.  Jeep drivers and their passengers can travel those trails as many times as they want during a five hour morning or afternoon session. The cost is $55. There's also a 10-mile scenic trail for those who have Jeeps that are not modified for the rough terrain.  That cost is $25. The proceeds are donated to the park.

"This gives people a gateway,” says Elliott.  “It's a stepping stone.  We have a lot of first time Jeepers that come and actually get to see what their vehicle is capable of."

There's something about a Jeep.  The owners share a passion. It's like a family. The event at Two Mile Run Park allows that family to come together.

"You're in a different world,” says Club Member Kent McFadden. “When you're in your Jeep, you could have your worst day at work, or anything like that, and you get in your Jeep and all your cares go away."

The event will be held Saturday and Sunday at Two Mile Run County Park.   Jeep owners are invited to show up and register for either the 9 a.m. or 3 p.m. session.  Registration is held at the Pioneer Flats pavilion at the park.

This is the second year for the fund raiser.  Last year, the group donated $4500 to the park.