It's the story of Vietnam Veteran Michael Arrington, through eyes of his Son.

LaVar Arrington was first recognized on the gridiron at North Hills High School and later starred at Penn State University.

After he made the LaVar leap famous, he spent seven years in the National Football League.

His Father Michael Arrington had a much tougher field battle.

He lost both of his legs serving in Vietnam.

Michael Arrington never played the "what if" game in life.

After he retired from the Military, Michael Arrington became an Ordained Minister.

He still lives in Pittsburgh and continues to inspire his children.

LaVar Arrington told Erie News Now, "You know my Father could have been a victim of circumstances protecting our Country and losing his legs, but that didn't happen."

"I saw my Dad salute for the first time at his brother's funeral. I was doing ok at the funeral, but the song just broke me down. For the first time, I saw my Dad shed a tear. I have yet to see him cry, I cried for him."