Customers of a local trash removal company are running out of patience while their trash keeps piling up.
Some have waited weeks for service, and they still don't know when or if a truck will come to remove their growing piles of garbage.
 "You can't have that stinking garbage sitting out there, especially with the hot weather in August coming," said customer Sally Umholtz.
For years, the 82-year-old Mckean resident has used Raccoon Refuse for trash removal, but for months now, service has been inconsistent or non-existent, and calls to the company get her nowhere.
"I think it's pretty dirty," she said. "I think they owe it to the people to tell us. If you don't want to answer your phone, send us a letter. Do something. Tell us something."
She's not alone. In the past week, our crews have spotted overflowing Raccoon Refuse bins all the way from Albion to North East, where some customers say they've waited five weeks for a pickup.
It's not just homeowners dealing with the problem. 
Summit Township uses Raccoon for its recycling, and supervisors say they get 30 complaints a day on collection days.
They've talked with company officials, who say they've run into a string of hiring problems and equipment issues.
“Wishful thinking," said Supervisor Jack Lee "I think they thought they would be picking up some new employees and correct their truck problems, so time will tell.”
In the meantime, trash keeps piling up as furious customers keep looking for answers.
Erie News Now reached out to Raccoon Refuse for comment but is yet to hear back.
In a Facebook post, the company says it can't find enough drivers and the owner says he's facing health issues that prevent him from working.