At 10 years old, Arianna Buffalari has been through a lot.

She was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of two, and over the past two years, she's had to deal with daily seizures.

"It's a rough day every day," said Arianna's mother Kim Hicks. "Seizures daily, day in and day out. Phone calls every other week, so it's rough."

Arianna has always wanted a small place of her own.

In April, that wish came true.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Arianna's wish and provided her with a purple clubhouse.

It's a place for her to unwind, relax, and just be a kid.

"For us to have this happen for gets her mind off of it," said Hicks. "It gets our mind off of it, for her to come out here and be able to play, when she's not having a seizure, or she's not having these daily seizures."

Arianna does have a couple of rules for her clubhouse.

No shoes and no boys are allowed.

Arianna's wish was made possible through the donations of the community, which the non-profit relies on every year.

Make-A-Wish Regional Manager Courtney Nientimp hopes you'll keep the non-profit in mind next Tuesday, August 9, for Erie Gives Day.

"The need is greater than ever," said Nientimp. "We're seeing more kids come to us and we're anticipating about a 50 percent increase next year in how many kids are going to be coming to us, so the need has never been greater to help our kiddos."

Arianna is living proof of the program's impact.

"It means so much," said Arianna. "They are awesome."

More information on Erie Gives Day is available here.