Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Mastriano visited Erie today, but he wouldn't answer questions and didn't want to let reporters into today's event, even though they had been invited.

The manufacturer and business association hosted Mastriano today at the Association's Legislative Luncheon, and the MBA invited the media to attend.

But when crews arrived, they were met at the door by a member of the Mastriano campaign, who refused to let them in.

Erie News Now reached out to the Mastriano campaign, asking for a sit-down interview like we've had with his competitor, Josh Shapiro.

However, the campaign is yet to take us up on that offer.

On the other side of Erie, Republican Senate Candidate Memhet Oz was happy to take our questions after talking to veterans in Wesleyville.

Oz spent the morning at the Wesleyville American Legion, talking to a small group of veterans about the issues they face.

Oz touched on the recently passed PACT act, which offers increased medical benefits for veterans exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and toxic chemicals from burn pits in the middle east.

Republican Doug Mastriano is running against Democrat Josh Shaprio for Governor of Pennsylvania. 

Republican Memhet Oz is running against Democrat John Fetterman for Senate.