Low-income homeowners in the city of Erie can soon apply for some additional financial assistance.

On Wednesday, in a unanimous decision, Erie City Council approved the allocation of $100,000 in funds from the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund.

The money will go to low-income and moderate-income homeowners for repairs and improvements to their homes.

"It's additional funding to help people with home repairs.," said Erie City Council President Liz Allen. "We know how much that is needed."

A total of 25 homeowners will receive grants of $4,000 for repairs.

According to east Erie resident Sheila Ellyn Woeger, that's not enough.

"You know that there are people living in the city in housing that should be condemned, and all ou have to give is $4,000 per household?" said Ellyn Woeger. "Seriously? $4,000 couldn't buy a roof."

According to Allen, the funds are separate from the $15.1 million in American Rescue Plan funds set aside for housing initiatives that homeowners can apply for.

"There's more money out there," said Allen. "This is additional funding, so I would suggest everybody go to the city of Erie website, click on ARP funding, and you'll be able to find the information there."

That information is available here.