After rumors began circulating online that the state organization Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Committee would be permanently docking the Brig Niagara soon, some were concerned about the ship's future.

However, after a volunteer meeting today, those rumors were dispelled.

"It sounds like everyone is committed to keeping her sailing, there is an agreement in place to keep her going through the rest of this year, and talks are already planned to continue that for years to come," said Niagara Flagship League volunteer member Christopher West after the meeting. "Everyone is on the same page that the Brig Niagara needs to keep on sailing."

West explained why it's important to keep the Brig sailing.

"I'm delighted that the sail training program is here in Erie, my daughter is on-board the ship right now as a trainee," continued West. "This is an opportunity that only exists in Erie,and we're all determined to keep it here."

The ship will be participating in the upcoming Tall Ships festival at the end of August.