The 30th annual Erie Blues & Jazz Festival started today in Frontier Park earlier today with a drum circle and two movie showings.

The free event will continue until Sunday, with musical acts beginning again tomorrow at noon.

The festival is important to the community, and often acts as an annual meet up for reunions, dates, and even birthday traditions.

"I got an email just yesterday from somebody who said he's been bringing his nephew here since he was born, and it's his 30th birthday," says John Vanco, Artistic Director of the Festival. "They'd like to celebrate the 30th birthday of his nephew at the festival together."

The festival is also known for bringing people together.

"This is where you'll see somebody who is a member of the Yacht Club dancing with somebody who lives on the Lower East Side," says Kelly Armor, Volunteer Manager for the event.

However, Vanco urges younger generations to help out in the festival.

"I'm hoping that some young people step up," continued Vanco. "We want to make this event, go forward for the next 30 years."

Vanco and his team also urged people coming to the free event keep the Festival going in the future by donating $10.

The event will feature several food vendors, 15 craft breweries, merchandise, a free shuttle service, and 10 different musical acts.