Despite it being only the 2nd Annual Flower Festival at Waterford's Port Farms, it's already become a tradition for some.

"Sun flowers my favorite flower," said Sarah Testa, who was at the festival with her son, Thayer. "So it's really fun for us to come out and do this and then it segues into fall fun and we just love it."

But the farm has more than just flowers.

"My favorite is doing the corn maze, which we always get lost in," said Testa's son, Thayer.

"And paintball, he's a big fan of paintball, and you gotta get the kettle corn," added Thayer's mother. 

And if the five acres of flowers aren't picturesque enough for you, there's also a mural for all your social media needs. The muralist, Jade Hanas, is proud that people seem to like her painting.

"It's nice to be able to know that people are enjoying them," said Hanas, an employee at Part Farms and painter of the mural. "You see pictures on Instagram from other places with murals like that, and it's just cool to see other people enjoying my art as [much] they enjoy others'."

Next weekend, the farm will be doing it's second annual butterfly release, where for $10, guests can buy a butterfly to release into the flower fields.

"It was a really special event, last year it sold out... there's going to be about 200 butterflies that will be released," said Kasey Port, operations overseer at the farm.

Additionally, there are hay rides, food, and even a beer garden for the adults.

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