The Purposeful Placemaking project unveiled its third mural Monday morning.

The mural was unveiled on the side of Firehouse 10 on E. Lake Rd.

It's the result of a collaboration between United Way of Erie and Erie Arts & Culture.

The goal of the project is to complete 12 murals by the end of the summer and 50 within the next two years to encourage safe walks to school. 

Local artist Christina Wolfe spent the past two weeks painting this mural. Her inspiration came from a walk with neighbors.

"I'm hoping as they walk by, maybe they'll notice the bright colors from a distance, and as they get closer maybe they'll notice she's a super hero, but she looks just like me," said Wolfe. "Maybe they'll follow the path of the plane with their finger, I want them to, hopefully feel excitement as they're going to and from school."

Patrick Fisher with Erie Arts & Culture said the goal is not only help beautify these neighborhoods, but to also make art accessible. 

There are many more murals to come like the nearly completed work on the corner of E. 12th and Ash St.

The project aims to empower kids walking to school through art.