WASHINGTON, D.C. - We are roughly two months away from the midterm elections and one of the most watched races is the open congressional Senate seat in Pennsylvania.  

Right now political analysts said Senator Pat Toomey’s (R- PA) seat could flip blue in November.  

“Fetterman is polling well he’s been campaigning hard,” said Todd Belt, Professor and Director of Political Management at George Washington University. “A lot of money is going into this and this could be a state where the Democrats pull one out, even in an election where we might see some real significant gains by the Republicans on the House side.”  

Political scientists said the Senate race between Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and Democratic candidate Lt. Governor John Fetterman already has been an interesting race, mostly because the two are duking it out over social media posts. Political scientists and recent polls show Fetterman has the upper hand in this race. In a Fox news poll, Fetterman holds an eleven point lead over Oz and in another poll by the Center Street PAC, a nonpartisan political action committee, show Fetterman with an even greater lead over Oz. That poll shows a 17 point lead for Fetterman. Some said with the tight Republican primary race that Oz barely won, it’s hard for Republicans to get behind this candidate. But we are still months away from November and anything could happen.  

“The Republicans have what we consider to be the traditional variables in a race on their side in terms of inflation and people’s concerns about the economy but the Democrats have some real important issues on their side,” said Belt. “Certainly the issue of Roe v. Wade and we’ll have to see how the Republicans deal with the issue of crime which they’ve tried to make front and center as one of the issues that they’re going to campaign on.”  

President Biden’s approval rating is pretty low right now and political scientists said Republicans might be more energized at the polls.  

However, with this recent FBI investigation into former president Donald Trump, political scientists said that could hurt the Republican party at the polls but that’s still unclear.