He arrived in Vietnam late in 1969.

It didn't take Jim Uhrmacher long to have his first eye opening experience.

He told Erie News Now, "When I reached the base, we immediately got hit and they just they just threw us in a bunker. It was our welcome to Vietnam moment."

A good friend of Uhrmacher's, was only in Vietnam for 15 days when he was killed.

"One of his men came in with a grenade, he pulled the pin and killed both of them. It makes you stop and think and that is hard. You are thinking, it can't get much worse than this."

When The Wall That Heals Made it to Erie in May, Uhrmacher took his 13-year-old Grandson to see it.

"There are so many people on that Wall, that could of had a wife, children and grandchildren. They could of had a life like mine."