For 468 non-profits that serve the Erie community, this year's Erie Gives Day proved to be a huge success.

Members of local non-profit organizations gathered outside of the Second Harvest Food Bank on Wednesday for an update on the final results of Erie Gives Day 2022.

In just 12 hours, the annual fundraiser helped raise a record-breaking $8.1 million.

Each organization, a different cause.

The Second Harvest Food Bank is set to receive $218,000 to help feed the hungry.

"With a 40-year high in inflation, people are feeling that in their pocketbooks and the first item that is discretionary is food," said Second Harvest Food Bank CEO Karen Seggi. "That's why they are needing to come to the Second Harvest Food Bank."

The Erie City Mission will receive $205,000 in donations to help members of our community impacted by addiction, poverty, and homelessness.

"More and more people are starting to fall through the margins and a lot of times they end up landing at the door of the City Mission," said Erie City Mission COO Darrell Smith. "I think it's just a confirmation that the community is saying yes to what we are doing."

The Corry YMCA saw a $300,000 donation, making it the largest give in Erie Gives History.

The money will be used to build an indoor playground and expand the non-profit's kitchen.

"It's amazing," said Corry YMCA CEO Ed O'Brien. "Coming out of the pandemic, with funds being tight because of inflation, the philanthropic support from the city of Corry and outside community and Erie County itself is truly remarkable."

A total of 11,234 donors donated gifts during the 12-hour event.