The Mason Farms fruit stand is an important piece of the landscape along W. Lake Rd. in Lake City.

It offers various fruits and vegetables and is a priority stop for many in the area including Ralph and Dottie Turner, of North Springfield.

"We do not have a garden," said Dottie Turner. "This is our garden."

"We rely on this place," said Ralph Turner. "It's wonderful."

It's the livelihood for John Mason. He and his family have run the business for decades.

"It really started with my grandfather," said Mason. "I think my father was seven years old when they moved here from Ripley, New York. They bought the farm up the road that was called Golden Glow Farms. They named it Golden Glow Farms, so I grew up on that farm."

Mason's children carried on the legacy with a simple start.

"We went from a card table to a little stand that we bought and parked over here," said Mason. "We put up this little stand that we have here now."

There's also flowers for sale behind the produce.

There's about 200 acres at Mason Farms, and you can even pick your own - anything from berries to vegetables depending on the time of year.

The farm market is known for its supply of sweet corn and strawberry picking in the early summer.

Mason Farms has expanded over the years with different locations. Each is unique.

There's a roadside market in east Erie, and an enclosed store on Peninsula Dr. in Millcreek with food, candy and even holiday attractions.

Both sites are open until Christmas, evening selling Christmas trees.

There's also an Edinboro location, too.