Social media and the online world has become a big part in our everyday lives.

Not only do parents and teachers need to try and keep up with these advancements, but they have to keep their children safe on these platforms.

Bark Technologies uses artificial Intelligence to monitor texts, emails, and social media accounts. it then flags any questionable issues that may arise, such as cyber bullying, sexual content, suicidal ideation, predators, depression, and threats of violence.

The technology both sends a notification about the concerning content and recommends next steps for how to address them with your children.

"Children are spending upwards of 8 hours a day online," said Bark's Chief Parenting Officer Titania Jordan. "Because all the potential issues live in a space that you might not see or be aware of, it's much harder to educate and protect and empower."

Bark technology hopes that providing this resource will help better equip parents and school administration to handle online threats.