"Growing up, I never had any brothers, but in Vietnam, I had plenty of brothers," an emotional Greg Holland told Erie News Now. 

Holland was a Long Range Patrol Specialist and he quickly realized, he was not in a winnable situation. 

"We would go into a Village during the day and be heroes, but at night, it was a completely different story. They would take up arms and hunted Americans, it was the wrong place at the wrong time."

Holland earned two Purple Hearts during his tour of duty in Vietnam.

It took some time for Holland to adjust to a normal life after serving.

"My last combat action was on a Thursday at Noon. By Sunday, I was at my Mother's dinner table in Erie, eating a turkey dinner. It just didn't seem right."

Reflecting did not come easy for this Hero. It took him 45 years before he was able to discuss his Vietnam experience with his family.