Tomorrow is national pepperoni day, and for those of you that like it, you just might want to get yourself a pepperoni pizza.

A national pizza chain has three locations right here in Erie County. 

The art of making pizza is busy business.

"The cheese and pepperoni are always popular. We also have a serious meat," said Gleba. "But we also have a couple other specialties like we do gluten free pizzas here we do cauliflower pizzas here which are also gluten free.

Tyler Gleba is the general manager of Donato's on Erie's eastside.

What's made in the back, can be eaten in the front.

There's even a private room, for no fee, just a reservation need to hold parties with food from Donatos.

And while all the pepperoni pizzas have 100 pieces of pepperoni. 

There's also what's called: Pepp 150 with 150 pieces on top.

But there's not just pizza here either sandwiches, wings and salads are offered too.

Donatos is big on variety.

This Donatos off East 38th Street in Erie is one of three in the county, and the only Donatos in Pennsylvania.

The 38th Street location opened opened in 2020.

It was the second one, following the location off Greengarden Road, also in Erie which has been serving up specialties since 2016.

And the third location in Harborcreek is just less than a year old.

Christina Vogel owns all three.

Overseeing about 50 employees, she's first and only solo female franchisee for Donato's, which started nearly 60n years ago in Columbus Ohio.

So, with experience in the pizza business, Vogel researched pizza chains.

"For me its about the employees and what we can do in the community," said Vogel. "I left everybody and everything that I knew in Illinois to create a community here and that's what I've been trying to do."

She encourages Pizza with a Purpose, a fundraising program for groups in community.

"You pick a night that's not a Friday night," said Vogel. "And we will give you 20% of the entire net sales for the whole day for your organization."

She admits Friday nights are the busiest, as people order out.

But no matter the delivery of menu options, it' all about the finished product.