A group of Warren County officials and business owners welcomed U.S. Senator Bob Casey to the area, as he toured the riverfront and discussed the ongoing effort to redevelop the area. 

The Commissioner, business owners, City Council Members, the City Manger, and the County Planning and Zoning Director had the opportunity to ask and answer questions for the Senator during the hour long trip. 

The group shared the overall plan for the riverfront redevelopment project, including reworking the roadway, expanding parking and walking paths, and expanding river access with a boat launch. 

They also discussed the $7.25 million price tag for redevelopment, as well as the $2.5 million in matching funds that has already been raised. 

The visit was before the announcement that the Build Back Better Challenge funding was not warded to the project team.

However, the Senator plans to continue to work with the community to explore other avenues to secure funding for the needed renovation.