MAYVILLE, NY (WNY News Now) – A Chautauqua County Court Judge will decide Wednesday whether to grant a protection order for witnesses to the attack on world-famous author Salman Rushdie at the Chautauqua Institution.

Last week, DA Jason Schmidt petitioned County Judge David Foley for the order in connection with the August attack. However, the proceeding was postponed so that suspect Hadi Matar’s legal team could take part.

They are required to agree to a temporary non-disclosure agreement, to keep the witness’s identities from their client. There is already a gag order in place, to protect case specifics from the public.

During an afternoon hearing, Judge Foley is expected to decide whether to grant the order of protection and outline its parameters.

Speaking with the media following a previous hearing, DA Schmidt argued that when event moderator Henry Reese tried to help Salman Rushdie following the stabbing, he was also allegedly attacked. While Matar is behind bars, Schmidt fears that others could act on his behalf.

Matar’s attorney, however, is arguing that the DA is stretching his imagination by connecting Matar to foreign nations. Specifically, because evidence has not been turned over to show otherwise.

Last Friday, Judge Foley was expected to issue a ruling as to whether he would extend time for the DA’s Office to go over evidence in the case. That has seen been moved to today as well.

The DA’s Office says they have received over 30,000 files alone from New York State Police, in the form of PDF files, excel sheets and video evidence from the attack.