Erie County continues to test its voting machines and processes ahead of the November election to make sure that the outcome is fair and accurate.

On Tuesday they tested the scanners at the Erie County Courthouse which process mail-in and absentee ballots.

Then they moved on to test a warehouse full of machines used at all 149 voting precincts across Erie County.

It's a big job and it takes time, but Erie County election officials are testing every machine that will be taken out to every polling place in Erie County on election day November 8.

Julie Slomski, Erie County Clerk and Clerk of Elections is overseeing the process. "Today we're making sure we have every one of the ballot marking devices for all the 149 precincts and all of our scanners themselves that they're ready to go -- testing out every ballot for every precinct," Slomski said.

They're running a sample election ballot for each touch screen machine, making sure the buttons work, and the resulting ballots are printed.

And for people who vote by filling in ovals on a paper ballot -- they're also testing each machine that will scan, read and tally those ballots.

Those machines print out results on a tape at the end of election day, so they're testing those tape print outs as well.  They will be checked against a memory card that tallies votes and gets delivered to the election office at the Erie County Courthouse and the Pennsylvania Department of State. "Most importantly is a memory card,  the memory card with the machines will come back to the courthouse delivered by the judge of elections at the end of the evening and that's how we're able to tabulate the tally's for each...precinct," Slomski said.

If you prefer to vote by mail-in ballot, the Erie County Election Board will meet on Friday morning at 9:00 to finalize the ballot.  They will then be printed and mailed out to voters who have requested them starting October 1.