An online trend, primarily seen on Tik Tok, shows users cooking chicken in cough syrup, usually NyQuil.

Both the Food & Drug Administration, and local doctors have warned against participating in the so-called "sleepy chicken challenge," saying that large quantities of the medicine within NyQuil may harm your body, even if just inhaled.

"It could lead to seizures," said AHN St. Vincent pharmacist, Dr. Brandon Nornhold. "It can lead to abnormalities with your heart and others that could just make you unresponsive and maybe make you unable to protect your airway and require a breathing machine at some point."

"With any trend, it's always going to try to top the previous trend or challenge," continued Nornhold. "And as with topping, everything gets more extreme and with more extreme becomes unpredictable and more danger."

Tik Tok has begun putting warnings on "sleepy chicken challenge" videos, warning users of misinformation.

NyQuil manufacturer, Procter & Gamble, has put out a statement, saying they don't endorse any use of their products aside from the provided instructions.

The trend seems to have originated all the way back in 2017, in a tweet. The user said in an interview with NPR that he intended it to be a joke, and is disappointed in the direction the trend has gone.