Naomi Stewart was hoping to live her golden years at Connect 55 Meadville.
"When I moved in here, I thought, well, this is it," said Stewart.  "This is where Tucker (her dog) and I will spend the rest of our days."
However, once her lease expires, her entire world could be flipped upside down.
At her next renewal, Stewart has been informed that her rent rate is going up 30 to 40 percent, which will cost her an extra $400 a month.
"I thought, I can't believe this.  I said, $400, are you crazy? We're seniors," said Stewart.  "It might be legal for them, but it's just heartless."
Stewart isn't alone.
The price hike has left other Connect 55 Meadville residents in a state of disbelief.
"We're not being treated right," said resident Joanne Dunlap.  "My rent is going up 38 percent.  That's ridiculous."
"I can't believe people would do this to other people," said resident Roy Twiford.  "Especially seniors."
On its website, Connect 55 Meadville describes itself as an independent living community with amenities for senior citizens who enjoy an active lifestyle.
Developed by Calamar out of Wheatfield, NY, crews are now working to finish construction on the 128-apartment complex.  Residents I spoke with say the company is putting unforeseen construction costs on them.
"It's disgusting," said resident Bill Hohmann.  "It's what we call senior abuse."
Hohmann was paying $900 a month for a single-bedroom apartment.
After his monthly payment increased $1,230, he decided to move in with his girlfriend.
"They (Calamar) are not willing to budge," said Hohmann.  "They are not willing to negotiate.  They just say that's the way it is.  If you don't like it, leave."
Other residents living on fixed incomes must now consider moving.
"I figured out my budget and thought, ok," said Dunlap.  "I won't have money to get any food or medicine, so what am I supposed to do?"
"To repack and move again is extremely high stress," said resident Linda Bush.  "It was the first time, so that's not going to go away."
"What's sad, is the ones (apartments) I'm looking at that would be affordable for me, you can't have your dog and I'd have to give my dog away," said Stewart.  "That would be hard on me."
As Calamar Construction signs pop up on Robinson Road in Erie County, residents I spoke with hope their stories will serve as a lesson.
"I just think that if anybody is interested in a place like this, they better check it out very well before they sign on the dotted line." said Twiford.
"All seniors beware, and if you're not a senior now, one day you will be," said resident Peggy Twiford.  "Just beware of people like this."
Multiple attempts to reach Calamar Vice President of Facilities and Operations Marc Guizzo for comment were not returned.