Residents of Connect 55 Meadville are bringing their concerns to Erie County.

On Friday, residents of the Crawford County apartment complex gathered on Robinson Road in Summit Township to protest over Connect 55's plan to build a new complex in Erie County.

Seniors who live at Connect 55 Meadville were recently informed that their rent rates are going up 30 to 40 percent.

"We are paying way too much, it's outrageous," said Connect 55 resident Roy Twiford.  "We feel that they are taking advantage of seniors."

The rent hike is forcing each resident to pay an extra $300 to $400 a month, or move.

"We've already moved, sold our home," said Connect 55 resident Linda Bush.  "We don't want to have to move again."

Developed by Calamar out of Wheatfield, New York, Connect 55 Meadville is still under construction.

However, the company plans to build a new complex on Robinson Road in Summit Township.

On Thursday, Calamar signs were posted on the construction site in Summit Township.

After Erie News Now aired a story on six of the Connect 5 Meadville residents, the signs have been removed.

Residents of Connect 5 Meadville hope their experience, will serve as a warning to anyone considering moving here in Erie County.

"This is a joke and people that are even going to think about moving in here better get everything in writing, because they don't know when their rent is going up," said Connect 55 resident Joanne Dunlap.  "We don't even know when our rent is going to go up the next time."

Multiple attempts to reach Calamar Vice President of Facilities and Operations Marc Guizzo for comment were not returned.

This story is supported by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.