Kara Murphy has made Macaroni Kid, her passion.
She is the publisher of "Macaroni Kid Erie."
Murphy says, " I'm not from Erie and I was always surprised by the people here who said, there's nothing to do, nothing to do. I really wanted to find a way to showcase Erie and promote its local businesses and show how much there is to do."

Macaroni Kid is a website that provides activities and ideas, along with articles on parenting, to people in local areas.
Kara is one of 400 publishers in communities across the U.S.

"I saw the need back when I first had kids. I was a new mom, I was staying at home all the time and was like i couldn't ever find anything to do and as a mom you've got to fill those hours and I wanted to connect with new moms too so it was a real struggle, " says Murphy.

The former Erie Times News reporter has used her contacts and made other to gather and upload events for families all across the region.
She does it right from her home.
Murphy says, "I also have a huge spreadsheet of calendars in town that i check every month to add to our website and we try to get 200 to 300 events listed every month."

While Kara takes care of the Erie site, she is also the managing editor for the company, which is one of the largest parenting publishing platforms in the U.S. 

There's way for people and organizations to even post events to the website.
Just log onto www.erie.macaronikid.com
Click on events, submit an event -- fill out all the information, scroll down and click the blue button to complete.

While there is a big emphasis on free events, there's one's for a fee also listed.

"I really want to help promote Erie in my own little way. I think its such a special community and such an amazing place to live. I choose to live here and i love Erie and i hope that Macaroni Kid in its own little way is helping other people feel the same way."

Kara also provides a monthly newsletter, to her nearly 7,000 subscribers.