There's a family fruit farm in Girard where you can pick your own apples, over the next few weeks. 

One man is helping to keep the family legacy alive. 

"You give them a slight twist and they should pop off pretty well, without taking a bunch of leaves and buds with it," said Brian Lehman. 

Brian Lehman has perfected apple picking, he's been farming for more than 50 years.

At the fruit farm that carries the family name Lehman's, off Pieper Road in Girard.

"It was a general farm with crops and animals," said Lehman. "Shortly, he decided the best thing to do was to make it into a fruit farm." 

He is talking about his grandfather, who purchased this property 100 years ago.

Brian is now the only family member carrying on the business.

"Primarily it's me and another person and that's it," said Lehman. "It's hard to find help."

He also has another job, but still spends hours a day on the farm.

During the apple harvest season, he picks various kinds of apples on site, to bag and sell.

"They soften when they get closer to ripeness," said Lehman. "And you can keep track of how many pounds pressure they have on them."

But people can take their pick from the nearly 1,800 trees to pick from. 

"People enjoy coming here and getting that opportunity. There's not many places that offer that," said Lehman. 

There's more than just apples offered during the year at this Community Gem.

"We also have concord grapes, pears, peaches and prunes," said Lehman.

Inside operations have a 40 year old grader helping to sort and size.

"I separate a few out here into the different qualities," said Lehman. "Then, I'll allow the rest of them to flow through." 

It's a time consuming hands operation, and with only two-total people keeping it going,

Brian said he does it all for his customers.

"We try to satisfy everybody. It's all about the consumers and what they would like," said Lehman. 

Brian has the fruit farm open six days a week, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.