Not long ago, a good party consisted of good people, good food, and good music.  But these days, there's another element that party goers love.

Video games. That rang true at the annual Homecoming Carnival held last Friday at Seneca High School near Wattsburg. You could easily see how popular video games were at that party.  8th Grader Ian Johnson says that scene is not unusual. He says video games are a vital part of most parties he attends.

“About 80%,” says Ian.

Jason Baney set up the gaming tent at the carnival.  He says video games were at big part of his life as a kid, but something was missing back then.

"There wasn't really a place for gamers to gather together.  So when I became an adult and after having our first two children, I decided that I wanted to create a place for people to come and play,” he said.

Jason has always been a big fan of a game called Street Fighter. In 2009, he began to host tournaments for his friends that included Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Combat, and other fighting games. He began to accumulate competition grade equipment including the 23-inch monitors he brought to the carnival.

"These are all part of the original Fight Club that was in Erie, PA, founded by this guy,” said Jason, pointing to himself.

In 2017, Jason turned his love for gaming into a business.  He founded Next Level Gaming LLC.  He can make your party into a video game party with his traveling multi-player setups.

"It would be great for a party,” says Jason.  “We like to get people to jump up and dance.  We like to get people to explore new ideas.  Play Minecraft together.  Blow up biomes."

Jason has many games, like Minecraft, that kids enjoy and are perfect for a children's party.  Since it's Halloween season, how about Mario in Horrorland or Zombies Ate My Neighbors?  However, Jason says the average age of a gamer is 34 years old.  So, he arranges parties for adults too.  It's football season. How about a Madden Football tournament party?  Jason can do that too and he has just as much fun as the party guests.

Jason says his next project is acquiring a venue where members of the community can get together on a regular basis for tournaments. 

For more information on how Jason can set up a party at your home, or anyplace else, give him a call at 814-812-3925.  Next Level Gaming LLC is based in Edinboro and sets up video game parties as far away as Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo.