Rebuilding Florida after Hurricane Ian is expected to be a long, and very expensive process.

Like a lot of other areas of the economy, the construction industry's dealing with a worker shortage as well.

There are fewer experienced workers available to meet the current demanding according to Global Employment Expert, John Dorer.

"It's devastating and it's going to take a lot of money and a lot of workers over months and years to get things back to liveable in a lot of places," said Dorer.

Dorer is also the CEO of EB3, Work and Immigration Office Solutions, he connects immigrants with industries struggling to fill open positions.

"One of the solutions is immigration there are a lot of qualified national workers who can step in," said Dorer. "One of the problems is the long processing time and some times you can get a worker in."

And how long of a process is it?

"We'll that is what is troubling right now, under the normal circumstances the EB3 program takes about 18 months," said Dorer. "The benefit is they arrive with a green card with a permanent residence and its not a temporary visa but in normal times that might be fine but these are times employers are really hurting."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 375,000 unfilled construction positions nationwide.