Remodeling rooms in a home could get costly, but there's a lot of options out there.

One Erie couple is hoping their new business will help families and business owners provide a tune up to their kitchens in just day, and without spending thousands of dollars.

"Whatever you have in mind, we can work it out," said Tatiana Cross.

Tatiana and Michael Cross are the franchise owners of Kitchen Tune Up Erie.

They launched the business just a few months ago, adding Erie County to the other spots the more than 30 year business has a footprint in, across the U.S.

"We wanted to find something that was not a back up the truck and tear out the entire thing because there's just a lot of people that cant afford that," said Michael Cross. 

The aim is to help residential and commercial customers tune up their kitchen in one to five days, starting with reconditioning the wood.

"Then there's painting and the bulk of the services seems to be re-dooring and refacing where you are not, changing the layout of the kitchen you're simply giving it updated doors and a whole new look," said Michael. "And then of course it goes up to custom kitchens for anybodys budget."

The Crosses will be doing the work alongside a technician.

"A tune up can take a day, re-dooring and refacing can be done within the week, and we do everything we can in one day to the best of our ability," said Michael. "Clean, so it's not in the way and then in the morning, start all over again."

Michael and Tatiana pride themselves on up close and personal visits with their clients but before they even met with them, they send along a packet so that the clients can look through what they think they might want, then the samples will be brought to them.

Right now, shaker style doors are used in many of the tune ups.

"The style, just simple," said Tatiana. "And also white color is extremely popular and of course you can always change your hardware which is like jewelry for your kitchen cabinets."

They hope to build bonds with clients as they work with them to tune up one of the most important spots in a home. 

If you are interested in getting more info on Kitchen Tune Up Erie, call (814)-616-5219 or visit their website