Residents of Connect 55 Meadville are demanding answers from the apartment complex's developer Calamar.
Seniors who live at the Crawford County location were recently informed that their rent rates are going up 30 to 40 percent, costing them an extra $300 to $400 a month.
"I think they are money mongers," said Connect 55 resident Bill Hohmann.  "I think they are just out to make money and they could care less about the seniors."
On Wednesday, the group brought their concerns to Calamar's corporate office in Wheatfield, New York, where they were met with locked doors and members of the Niagara County Sherrif's Department.
"It just shows how little they care for the people," said Connect 55 resident Roy Twiford.  "All they want is the money."
I reached out to Calamar for a response, and I was directed to their legal counsel Cheryl Green.
She sent the following statement to Erie News Now:
"Connect 55 is pleased to offer the residents of Meadville an unparalleled living experience at competitive market rates.  Our soon to be fully completed Meadville location will offer a full complement of amenities and numerous opportunities to form social connections in a warm appealing environment.
We can confirm that yesterday, a group of protestors, primarily college students, led by Associate College Professor Joe Tompkins from Allegheny College, were removed by several law enforcement agencies after attempting to break through our secure entranceway doors at our corporate offices and the building was placed in lockdown.  We do not condone this behavior."
Meanwhile, residents of Connect 55 Meadville say they will continue to hold public rallies to shine a light on Calamar's actions.
"We feel ourselves; would they do this to their own parent?" said Hohmann.  "This is something that can happen to our kids or our grandchildren if they get into the same situation as us."