He joined the Marines after attending Oil City High School and served in Vietnam from 1968-1971.

Fred Ditzenberger was a Combat Engineer and specialized in finding land mines and doing demolition work. 

Every day, he remembers the people he served with, especially his friends who did not make it home.

He told Erie News Now, "The one guy I knew from Pittsburgh, he didn't make it back. Such a great loss of life, he was so young. He was also a hero."  

Ditzenberger didn't save anything from his tour of duty, getting rid of all of his pictures.

His memories of the people he fought with are still strong.

"So many didn't get the chance to live life to the fullest, when I got back from Vietnam, I was a total loss, and I didn't know where to turn."

When the Wall That Heals traveled through Erie last May, he had a chance to honor his fallen hero, Charles Newman, from Pittsburgh.

He left flowers at the Wall, recognizing his friend who made the ultimate sacrifice.