An Erie-based business is spearheading research studies in Brazil, the United Kingdom, China, and of course here in the U.S.

And the family owned business has been paying people to participate in studies for 50 years.

The company is not trying to sell you anything, rather find out what you think of products in a wide range or areas. Rewarding research done right in Erie.

"They often say if it sounds too good to be true, it often is," said Mezler. "Well, with Moore Research, its not. We really are paying you for your time and your opinion." 

Colleen Moore Mezler is carrying on the legacy her mom started in 1969. It's a market and opinion research company.

Peggy Moore assembled a team of people to go door to door.

"She actually worked for a woman who didn't want to do it anymore," said Mezler. "And my mom said - you know what, I can do it."

The current location is at the corner of Poplar and Liberty Streets in Erie is the fifth one for the company in 53 years. It first started in the basement of a home on Pierpont Avenue.

"It can be anything from cosmetics to banking to grocery stores," said Mezler. "A little bit of everything."

There's an area to test hair, and nail products. There's even a test kitchen where a recent sausage survey was conducted.

"Our clients sit in the back here. And it is here that they can actually go ahead and view the focus groups as its going on and see how the respondents are actually reacting to a commercial or some kind of service that's being offered," said Frank Mezler. "You get firsthand knowledge about how they feel about their product or service." 

Frank Mezler is the company's Vice President and Colleen's husband. The former teacher has been working with Moore Research since the two were dating.

They along with their niece, Lindsay, are growing the family business with help of a staff of near 20 people.

It's easy to take part in the research options, which are available on the company website.

Some of the first steps include an online questionnaire, then, in many cases, a face to face meeting to get a product, and later follow-up.

"We also ship all over the country," Mezler. "And all over the world for some of our consumers." 

As this Erie business grows and adapts to their clients, whatever their product or service needs may be. 

Mezler started working in the family business when she was teen, and has grown it to what it is today.