Let's face it.  There are times when we may feel scared, anxious, or lonely.  It's great to have family and friends who are always there to give us some support. That's not always the case for some people.  However, there is someone in the Erie region who will be glad to be by your side.  She's a professional cuddlist.

Kris Sherman is from Jamestown, NY.  She believes all people have a need for human contact.  To hold hands.  To be hugged.  To feel loved.

"There are so many people that don't have anybody.  There are so many.  The problem is, a lot of people do have a lot of people, but they're still lonely,” she says.  

Kris became a professional cuddlist last July to provide that wanted human contact. .  She received her training from a web site called Cuddlist.com.  The site also helps her with marketing and networking.  Kris says the #1 question she always receives is, ‘Do you spoon?’

"Yes.  If I'm comfortable,” she said.  “I'm not going to just spoon somebody that walks into my home.  I don't know you.  We have to get comfortable with each other."    

Communication is key between cuddlist and client. Kris doesn't want strangers as clients.  She wants to learn about the person with whom she will be cuddling.  She also wants to learn how she could help them.

"They're awkward and uncomfortable because they don't know me.  So we talk. Then after 20 minutes are up and we're comfortable, then I usually sit there and say, 'How do you feel?  Are you comfortable enough to maybe try hand holding?"   

Potential clients must agree to Kris' rules and boundaries before any appointment is finalized.  There are some places you just can't touch.  Kris also makes sure her clients are comfortable with any cuddling position she suggests. 

Although Kris' title is professional cuddlist, she says it's probably more appropriate to call her a physical support therapist. In addition to cuddling sessions, Kris will also accompany people to a dental appointment or to a medical appointment where blood is drawn.  She'll hold your hand.  She never wants anyone to feel alone.  Call her.  She'll be there.

"If it's going to help somebody, Yeah,” she said.

Kris charges $80 an hour for her services.  She says business is good.  You can learn more about Kris and her profession by logging on to Cuddlist.com/kriss