It's been an amazing year for people to enjoy Halloween displays.  Homes are decorated on just about every street.  So, let’s wrap up this spooky season with a bang.  Let’s visit one of the most spectacular displays I’ve ever seen.  It was set up by a man whose Halloween displays are so terrifying, last year neighbors called the fire department!

I traveled to Lake City to see Scott Fisher's house and front yard on Maple Avenue.  I arrived just before sundown to see the display in the light of day.  You can immediately tell one thing.  This display was created by someone who loves Halloween.

"This is my part of sharing to the children of my community so they can enjoy the holiday also and maybe carry this on for their children,” said Scott.

There's a 30 foot by 80 foot spider web on the house.  It took two years to make.  In the yard, there's a coffin carried by a band of skeletons.  There's a giant horse ridden by a skeleton.  There are many hand painted gravestones.  There's a creature called Inferno whose guts are on fire.  And, thanks to four posts with pulleys that Scott placed in his yard, there's three flying ghosts to greet unsuspecting visitors.

"You gotta have the flying ghosts.  I think I'm the only one that has real live flying ghosts,” says Scott.

The sun has gone down.  It’s is the time when Scott's front yard becomes the spookiest.  The gravestones, the spider web, the jack o' lanterns...everything Is connected by three-quarters of a mile of wire attached to a computer system.  It's all synchronized to light up to the beat of Halloween music.  It's a sight to see. You can see why the fire department was called when the fiery guts of Inferno mix with artificial fog. 

Scott says he starts setting up his Halloween display in mid-September.  Each year he adds new scary stuff, spending about $1500 to $3000 every fall.  He doesn't mind.  He's doing it for everyone who loves Halloween.

"I just want them to have a good time and anybody stopping by to watch the show to just enjoy it.  Because that's what my efforts are for,” he said.

Scott even set up a radio frequency so visitors can listen to the spooky light show from their vehicles.  He says he will keep the display up for at least two more nights so everyone can get the chance to see it.