An unruly man who had a gun on him was arrested at a polling place in the City of Meadville on Tuesday, according to officials at the site.

It happened at the Grace Methodist Church annex, which is located at 828 N. Main St. and where Meadville 1-1 voters cast their ballots.

According to poll workers, the man was wearing Trump merchandise.

He reportedly had a gun in his possession, but it was not pulled out, officials said.

"[He was] a registered voter in that precinct," said Christopher Soff, Chairman of the Election Board of Crawford County. "He came in and he cast his ballot on the machines... But then he refused to leave. He declared that it was his constitutional right to stay there. He had no poll watchers certificate. He was not authorized by any candidate, any party or anyone to actually remain in the precinct."

He faces a misdemeanor charge related to the incident.

"Several of us tried to speak with him and ask him politely to leave," continued Soff. "Our only alternative at that point was to notify the Meadville Police."

Meadville Police were unable to comment.