Tonight, we take you to the Community of Corry for this week's Community Gem. This gem started three years ago, on a First Friday in Corry.

Every First Friday of the month, businesses in the downtown, of this Erie County Community, open their doors to the public for people to purchase, peruse, and enjoy food and drink along the way.

Hiram's Marketplace on North Center Street in Corry provides an eclectic selection of items for sale.

"People say well, I couldn't find this I couldn't find that," said Buzz Hammond. "Or I was traveling and I saw this or I saw that and we kind of accommodate them and ourselves with what we can sell." 

William Hammond the Third is known as Buzz. He's the owner with a rich family history in Corry.

His grandfather and father, both, also named William have owned numerous buildings in Corry's Downtown over the years.

In 2019, Buzz opened Hiram's Marketplace, named after the founder of Corry: Hiram Cory.

Local pride is big inside the business.

"If you look around the shop," said Hammond. "You will see a great number of things that are manufactured within 50 miles of here." 

The marketplace offers gift baskets, making one for your or helping you pick items to go inside, stained glass gifts, and cast iron items are some of he newest store additions.

"Why not find the unique products that are made here or very local to here and just keep the economy, even though its a smaller scale, keep the economy moving forward as we can," said Hammond. 

And that might even include raising a glass or bottle from the marketplace tasting area, fully stocked with wine from Courtyard Winery in North East.

A gem of a business supporting local flavor while welcoming in customers from here, and visitors from outside the area to tempt  taste buds. 

Buzz Hammond said Hiram's Marketplace is located right next to another family business, one that his wife runs. It's Pipits, a specialty clothing store for little girls and young ladies where everything is hand-made by Buzz's wife.