Erie has many foods that are cherished by local residents.  Everyone has their favorite.  But, did you ever wonder which food item is the most iconic?  That issue is being decided by an online vote being conducted this month. 

The tournament is being held on the Facebook page of Gone Local Erie. That's the company that sells gift boxes containing Erie's favorite foods.  Those boxes can be sent to family and friends who live out of town.  Kristen Santiago is the owner of Gone Local.

"We thought it would just be a fun thing to do to see which one is the most popular and the most iconic Erie product,” she said.  

16 foods were set up in tournament brackets.  The brackets were displayed on the Gone Local Facebook page on November 1 and Round One was ready to go. The public was invited to vote to determine the Round One winners. 

If you think Romolo's Sponge Candy is Erie's Most Iconic Food, forget about it.  It was eliminated in the first round.  So was Denny's Blue Moon Ice Cream, Fuhrman's Cider, and Dominick's Meatball Omelet.

"We just arbitrarily paired products up on the bracket.  It was kind of fun to see which ones went out immediately and which ones kept going.  People are very passionate about the products that they love,” says Kristen.

Round Two of the tournament is also in the books with some heavyweights going down. Say good bye to Stanganelli's Pepperoni Balls, Chuck and Ginny's Spaghetti Sauce, Smith's Ox Roast, and Odis 12 Wings. You may disagree. But the people have spoken.

"Every time we've posted a round or a match, people come out of the woodwork and vote,” says Kristen. “They've been really supportive and positive about it.  Nobody is starting fights over this."  

The Final Four is now underway.  In one semifinal bracket is New York Lunch Greek Sauce versus Sara's Orange and Vanilla Twist Cone.  In the other semifinal, it's Smith's Hot Dogs versus Rum Runner's popular drink, The Rum Runner.  Let's get ready to rumble!!!

Kristen says the voting for the semi-finals will be extended for a couple of days.   The finals will begin on Monday with the winner of the tournament being announced on Thanksgiving.  If you wish to vote on Erie's Most Iconic Food, go to the Gone Local Facebook page.