HARRISBURG, Pa. (ErieNewsNow) - For the first time in twelve years, Democrats will take the majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Democrats secured their 102 seat majority after incumbent Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) conceded in the race for the 151st House District on Thursday afternoon to Democratic challenger Melissa Cerrato. 

However, three soon-to-be vacant Democrat seats in Allegheny County will require special elections before the spring primary next year. The elections will determine who will succeed Rep. Austin Davis, who will be sworn in as Lieutenant Governor on Jan. 17, Rep. Summer Lee, who will be sworn into Congress on Jan. 3, and Rep. Tony DeLuca, who passed away in October following a short battle with Lymphoma. 

The 102-101-seat margin favoring Democrats drops to a 101-99-seat margin favoring Republicans once the three vacancies become official, at least until those special elections are held. 

Despite lingering uncertainty in Harrisburg over what’s to come between now and next year’s special elections, House Democrats say they are prepared to lead and look forward to fighting for all Pennsylvanians. 

“We are going to demonstrate to Pennsylvanians that we have the ability to govern. We're not going to be dividing Pennsylvanians and putting them against each other, we're not going to try to put Republicans and Democrats against one another,” said House Democratic Policy Committee Chairman, Rep. Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie) in a recent interview with ErieNewsNow. “We are going to actually govern for all Pennsylvanians,” he added. 

Republicans maintained control of the Senate with a 28-22 seat margin after last week’s election. Bizzarro says Democrats are confident they’ll be able to work with the Republican Senate to pass meaningful legislation and get it to Governor-elect Josh Shapiro’s desk next session. 

“They tend to be less ideological; they are more willing to embrace a middle ground,” said Bizzarro. “We're going to offer that middle ground and we're going to have to work with Republicans, we're going have to work with them in good faith, and we plan on doing just that,” he added.