The heavy winds on Saturday was just the beginning of what we could see through the rest of the weekend, but the City of Erie Streets Department is ready.

Jeff Gibbens, the Bureau Chief for the Streets Department said, "Everybody is in right now, we haven't switched to our true winter schedule where we are on and off and we have guys scattered through the week and weekend, so everybody is Monday through Friday at this point, but we have everybody in on the weekend right now to take care of this."

The clear skies on Saturday morning allowed crews to work on preparing the streets for more snow. As Gibbens explained, "We have our salt trucks out now going through salt runs going through the side roads, the areas with secondary mains and things like that."

Gibbens said a lot of the main roads in the City of Erie were cleared by Saturday morning, but the one thing that residents can do to help the department is by following odd-even parking and parking on one side so plows can get through when the snow falls.

With some snow melting from the sun, Gibbens said they are working to get any ice up on Saturday, in case snow covers it by Sunday.

"We are in the inner city on a Saturday which we normally don't do, but we are just try to get that hard pack ice so I think right now the roads are in fairly decent shape", explained Gibbens.