KRAKOW, POLAND- Our coverage of Stories from Ukraine continues. Many people have wondered when will this war come to an end. For one local Erie, Pennsylvania company, they’re prepping for how they can help Ukraine when that day comes. 

In the old northern port city of Gdansk, Poland, the Erie, Pennsylvania company, Logistics Plus, sets up shop.  

And while they’re still putting in the final touches for their brand new office, they’re already hard at work.  

“Looking at the whole scope of logistics,” said Slawek Michalak, with the Gdansk LP office. “Mostly looking at the project transportation and industrial projects.” 

Logistics Plus just opened a new location here for one main purpose:  

“We expect this to be part of the rebuilding in Ukraine at the end of the war,” said Gretchen Seth with Logistics Plus.  

Seth said this office will specialize in project and general cargoes, which means they’ll help coordinate getting stuff into Poland and out to Ukraine.  

“This area is full of maritime traffic and so we feel we’re ideally located to take advantage of this gateway into Poland and then across the border into Ukraine,” said Seth. “We feel like eventually this conflict is going to end and when it does, we want to be in a good position to help right away so any kind of cargo you can think of: from humanitarian aid to big project cargo will be coming through this office.” 

The company already has a warehouse in Rzeszow, near the Ukrainian border and an office in Katowice, which is west of Krakow. Both places have already played a big part in moving relief into Ukraine. The company’s Poland-based employees are eager to continue helping their neighbors even after the war ends.  

“We can feel this help everywhere because we are closely related to the Ukrainian people who need help and we understand what they are going through the war so yeah, it’s great to be part of this movement,” said Michalak.  

Our coverage of Stories from Ukraine will continue for the next few days while our team is still in Europe covering the war and humanitarian crisis.