This is the time of the year for holiday gatherings. Whether it's an intimate lunch or dinner or making a reservation for a private party. 

One local family prides itself in that. They are behind serving up food and atmosphere at three different places. And it's because of their love of good restaurants.   

This kitchen serves as the office for Chef Jason Finnerty, who moved to Erie after cooking in kitchens in several big American cities.

"I love food, I love cooking for people," said Finnerty. "But it's also the environment and the staff that we have and the people that come along with this but that I really enjoy." 

He's the Executive Chef at the Cork, overseeing everything from appetizers to desserts.

The Cork is one of three Erie County restaurants under Red Letter Hospitality.

"Our mission is to make Erie a culinary destination," said Anne Lewis. "To grow the culinary scene to grow the beverage scene to grow the hospitality industry." 

Anne Lewis' family started the Red Letter.

The cork was the First Red Letter Restaurant but it originally started in north east in 2014. It moved to the west Erie plaza in 2018.

That was the same year Red Letter acquired Molly Brannigan's in downtown Erie.

The Irish Pub is know for its St. Patrick's Day decor, dishes, and drinks.

Then there's the Skunk and Goat Tavern. Where the company offices are on the upper level of the restaurant in the hometown of the Lewis' family: North East.

Skunk and Goat offers unique, big city menu selections just like the other Red Letter locations.

"We do specials every single day," said Finnerty. "Tasting food all the time, and its a lot of fun too." 

But community is also at the heart of Red Letter Hospitality, with the company paying it forward during the pandemic offering meals to essential workers.

In the upcoming year, the newest venture is giving new life to the longtime freeport restaurant in North East.

A favorite place for Lewis' family.

"Its 45 years old," said Lewis. "We have once chance and we're going to do it right." 

Doing it right every day for what the company calls a Red Letter Experience. 

Red Letter really is a family affair, with Anne and her siblings overseeing day to day operations. That also includes three Ohio locations of what's called: Core Life Eatery.

But when it comes to the Erie County locations, there is one dish that can be found at all the restaurants, and that is called: Firecracker Shrimp.